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Self-Sovereign Identity Suite
NB Orbit Beta Program

Access to a new world of SSI that redefines how organizations interact with customers, employees and partners:

  • Pre-built workflows (including KYC) and dashboards
  • On-board your customers and employees
  • Test how you can engage with your ecosystem
  • Learn about the NB Orbit Network effect

Join these ecosystem partners:

About the Beta Program

Northern Block is launching two products in the very near future: NB Orbit Wallet and NB Orbit Enterprise Cloud. We have complete the initial rigorous testing and are about to embark on a beta testing program.

We want to invite you to participate in the Beta testing program as it will not only help us with testing the products but also give you a hand in making sure the product will meet your present and future needs. We expect the program will start on February 8th and be completed six weeks later.

Your involvement would start with downloading the wallet and setting up the Enterprise cloud product for your organization. Following that would be access to our draft training materials for both products and then we would expect you to try out the products. Throughout we would want to gather your feedback on positive and negative experiences and we would like to collect that via the messaging capabilities of the product.

Throughout the beta testing we will establish checkpoints with you and any other team members to address issues that we might be able to fix quickly. We expect that the total time to complete the beta testing will be no more than 4-5 hours.

Outcomes of the beta testing include:

  • Ability for you to influence the future direction of the products
  • Report on results
    • Includes identified bugs with fixes
    • User comments
    • Post Beta test interview feedback
  • Early access to released product

Application Form

  • Example answers include:
    • To try out example workflows and provide feedback on how they might work in my organization
    • Build my own workflows
    • See the list of available credentials to spur on innovation in my company
    • Get early access to this produce once it is released
    • Help direct this product’s future features

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