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In Mathieu Glaude's presentation titled "Lessons from the Front Line: Building Self-sovereign Solutions for Mid-tier FinTechs," I walk you through my business experiences starting with my time working at Capital One, then learning to code and then, ultimately, founding Northern Block. I learned everything I could about self-sovereign identity and how to help mid-tier fintech organizations leverage the power of SSI to improve ROI and decrease friction throughout their business processes. Click, consume & share.

verifiable credentials for fintech businesses

Every customer-facing enterprise in 2021 prides itself on its user-centricity — declaratively focusing their customer service, design-thinking, and operational flows around the needs of their most important stakeholder: the customer. Learn how your Fintech business can increase its return on investment (ROI) and reduce friction in many of your business processes by using self-sovereign identity (SSI) and verifiable credentials. Click, Enjoy & Share.

ssi for identity access management iam

Listen to the SSI Orbit Podcast Episode with special guest, André Kudra of esatus AG, as he discusses Self-Sovereign Identity for Identity & Access Management (IAM), Zero Trust Models and Germany's Digital ID Ecosystem with Northern Block’s CEO, Mathieu Glaude. Full podcast transcription available to read.

Self-Sovereign Identity for Organizations

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is a new field for many organizations and is somewhat threatening given the design to move control of personal data into the hands of the user. This Self-Sovereign Identity for Organizations Guide is designed to give you the answers to

digital identity in canada

Listen to the SSI Orbit Podcast Episode with special guest, Joni Brennan, as she discusses Digital Identity in Canada, the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework, and achieving digital trust through collaboration with Northern Block's CEO, Mathieu Glaude (with full podcast transcription). Listen, consume & share.

self-sovereign identity use cases

Check out this list of 63 self-sovereign identity use cases for the Fintech Industry that our team compiled from our experience working with fintech companies.