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How DAOs Benefit from Self-Sovereign Identity with Stepan Gershuni

Listen to this Episode to learn about how SSI can help grow DAO ecosystems!


In this conversation, Mathieu sits down with Stepan Gershuni for the second time on the podcast, the first one being for Episode 9 when they talked about the Economics of Self-Sovereign Identity. If you haven’t listened to that one, we suggest you do as it was a very interesting conversation that looked into how SSI can be applied to paper based and web2 models, and then dove a bit into web3.


This podcast conversation is much more focused on the impact of SSI on web3, where the main conversation point is around DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). At a high level, a DAO is the web3 version of a company or a community.


Think of it this way, if an NFT represents a piece of digital media, a DAO represents a whole media company.


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About Episode

In this podcast, Mathieu and Stepan cover:

  • What are DAOs?
  • How DAOs are the next logical evolution of coordination mechanisms for communities & companies.
  • How DAOs are really just a mix of Decentralized ID + Reputation.
  • How the adoption of Verifiable Credentials with DAOs and open protocols can take off very quick within the next year.
  • How a DAO can be an Issuer/Verifier of Verifiable Credentials.
  • The need for decentralized reputation mechanisms and trust scores.

About Guest

Stepan Gershuni is the Lead Product Manager at Affinidi, Founder of Credentia (SSI for education in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) and also as a hobby runs the Crypto-economics Research Group, a meetup for all things decentralized/web3.

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Mathieu Glaude

Mathieu is the Founder and CEO of Northern Block, a Canadian-based technology provider that facilitates the commercialization of digital trust ecosystems using self-sovereign identity (SSI) technologies, standards and principles. Connect with him on LinkedIn here