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  • Battle of the Trust Frameworks with Tim Bouma & Darrell O’Donnell

     Listen to this Episode On Spotify Listen to this Episode On Apple Podcasts Introduction Every week there seems to be mention of a new Trust Framework. People are now trying to monetize them. But to understand trust frameworks, let’s first understand what constitutes trust. We must define concepts such as levels of assurances and

  • IDunion: Germany’s Bold SSI Strategy with Hakan Yildiz

     Listen to this Episode to learn how the IDunion consortium is advancing the adoption of SSI in Germany and beyond. Introduction What use cases should a National Digital Identity program prioritize in collaboration with the private sector? As use cases become verticals of their own, what are then some of the horizontal considerations that

  • Wallet-Mania (with Mike Vesey, Dev Bharel, Adrian Doerk, RJ Reiser and Michael Boyd)

     Introduction This episode features a live recording of an Indicio community event. Digital Wallets are taking off! OS operators such as Apple are starting to support open standards for digital credentials (here). Technology disruptors (like the companies represented in this episode) are taking wallet solutions to market (here). This objective of this discussion is

  • Creating Social Inclusion Opportunities for African Youth with Lohan Spies

     Listen to this Episode to learn about how Yoma (by UNICEF) is using SSI to create social inclusion opportunities (LEARN, EARN, IMPACT). Introduction Yoma is a youth marketplace that is incubated by UNICEF in Africa.  It enables youth to Learn (through Yoma learning partners), Earn (through employers in the ecosystem) and Thrive by completing Impact

  • Why Are Governments Choosing Hyperledger? with Timo Glastra

     Listen to this Episode to learn about Open Data and Tech Standards, and to better understand Why Governments Are Choosing Aries and Indy. Introduction During this podcast, we try to answer the question: ‘Why Are Governments Choosing Hyperledger?’. Timo Glastra is one of three founders of Animo Solutions. At just 23 years old he

ssi for identity access management iam

Listen to the SSI Orbit Podcast Episode with special guest, André Kudra of esatus AG, as he discusses Self-Sovereign Identity for Identity & Access Management (IAM), Zero Trust Models and Germany's Digital ID Ecosystem with Northern Block’s CEO, Mathieu Glaude. Full podcast transcription available to read.

digital identity in canada

Listen to the SSI Orbit Podcast Episode with special guest, Joni Brennan, as she discusses Digital Identity in Canada, the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework, and achieving digital trust through collaboration with Northern Block's CEO, Mathieu Glaude (with full podcast transcription). Listen, consume & share.