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Tykn Co-founder Khalid Maliki Joins Northern Block

Mathieu Glaude

September 1, 2022

Northern Block announced that Khalid Maliki, Co-founder and COO of Netherland-based company Tykn, has joined the company to strengthen existing operations, and to expand it into new markets (Europe, MENA & Asia).

Mathieu Glaude, founder and CEO of Northern Block, said, “Khalid is a pioneer in self-sovereign identity, having led digital transformation projects for organizations such as Red Cross, UNDP and The Turkish Government. With Khalid onboard, Northern Block will continue growing the global footprint of our no-code SSI products’’.

Tykn, an award-winning startup developing digital identity tools for impact and its innovative technology, allows organizations to issue cryptographically tamper-proof credentials which are verifiable anywhere, at any time. Khalid’s keen innovation & product design knowledge combined with a passion for social impact fueled the development of innovative and user-friendly Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solutions. He believes SSI will positively impact billions of people’s lives and has advocated for its adoption on some of the  most important stages, from the Economic Forum in Africa to the United Nations in NYC.

“There is no better time to join Northern Block”, said Khalid. “I have long admired the products that Mathieu and the Northern Block team have created and everything the Company stands for. I am excited to build on that foundation to further scale the Company’s ecosystem and drive the world towards privacy-preserving user-centric experiences. I look forward to working with the management as the company enters the next stage of its growth”, said Khalid.

Official Press Release (Newsfile)

Northern Block CEO Mathieu Glaude welcomes Tykn Co-founder Khalid Maliki to the team. They discuss the future of SSI and how this power move will strengthen existing operations, and expand into new markets (Europe, MENA & Asia). Check out the welcome video below!
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