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Social KYC, an Alternate Form of Identity Verification for Web3 with Ingo Rübe

Listen to this Episode to learn about how Internet-native use cases can sometimes require different forms of credentialing.


There’s a big movement of digitizing Government-issued IDs (e.g., driver’s licences or passports) through technologies such as OCR, and then conducting liveness testing on the person. This method basically just digitizes a processes that was needed for conducting in-person transactions. But now since more transactions are happening digitally, and since many new Internet-native use cases don’t require knowing someone’s Government name, how can alternate sources of verifiable credentials fuel the Internet Economy?

About Episode
During this conversation, we discuss:

  • Why the common saying ‘data is the new oil’ is false?
  • Alternative forms of identity verification for the web.
  • The Social KYC product.
  • Use cases in the Gaming industry and why gaming is poised to become early adopters of SSI.
  • What should Identity look like in Web3
  • The KILT protocol (permissionless blockchain as a root of trust)
  • The Value flow in a decentralized identity model.
  • Use cases for VCs such as Ratings/Reputation in the DeFi space.

About Guest

Ingo Rübe is the Founder & CEO of @KILTProtocol. KILT is a blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous, verifiable credentials. They’re part of the @kusamanetwork and @polkadot ecosystem. Ingo is an experienced Founder and Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry.
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Mathieu Glaude

Mathieu is the Founder and CEO of Northern Block, a Canadian-based technology provider that facilitates the commercialization of digital trust ecosystems using self-sovereign identity (SSI) technologies, standards and principles. Connect with him on LinkedIn here