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NB Orbit Feature 1

How to Issue a Verifiable Credential to a SSI Mobile Wallet

In this demo, we look into how a Verifiable Credential can be issued to a Self-Sovereign Identity Mobile Wallet using the NB Orbit Enterprise platform. Within the issuance functionalities of NB Orbit Enterprise, we see how a Verifiable Credential Issuer selects an existing P2P connection, chooses the credential and enters the relevant data attributes. Once the Verifiable Credential is issued, the Mobile wallet holder receives the credential in their wallet and accepts it. The W3C-standard Verifiable Credential gets stored in their mobile wallet’s private data store (PDS), under their ownership. Although the credential can later be revoked, it will never leave the Holder’s Mobile Wallet unless they decide to delete it themselves.
NB Orbit Feature 2

How to Verify a Verifiable Credential Proof using a Self-Sovereign Identity Platform

In this video, we look into how a Verifier can verify a credential proof using the NB Orbit Enterprise platform. They will use the NB Orbit platform to create a workflow (task: waive account fee) and then send this as a Proof Request to their connection via DIDComm. Once the Wallet Holder receives the proof request, they accept it. The enterprise platform user can then see that the Credential Proof has been received, and they can proceed to verifying it to complete the workflow they had set up.
NB Orbit Feature 3

How to Create New Verifiable Credentials with Customizable Schemas

In this video, we will demonstrate how to create new Verifiable Credentials with custom schemas using the NB Orbit enterprise app. Once the credential schema is created and the attribute fields specified, the enterprise user can then publish a credential definition to whatever root of trust they are using, in our case a Hyperledger Indy network. We then see that the credential has been published to the network and can be used for credential issuance moving forward.
NB Orbit Feature 4

How to Create New Verifiable Credentials using Existing Network Schemas

In this video, we demonstrate how to create a new credential using an existing credential schema from the network.
NB Orbit Feature 5

How to Revoke Verifiable Credentials with SSI Enterprise Platform

In this video, we demonstrate how a credential issuer using NB Orbit Enterprise can revoke a Verifiable Credential. In the first example, we see a valid credential being used for a business process and in the second we see that this no longer works as it’s been revoked.
NB Orbit Feature 6

How to Create Self-Sovereign Identity Business Workflows

In this video, we demonstrate how to create a verifiable business workflow using NB Orbit Enterprise. The video starts with the user creating a new workflow for Online Transaction Enablement. Once this is done, the Enterprise user can then create a specific task for proof requests which will use the workflow that has been previously created. This newly created task can easily be embedded within a business workflow for trusted digital interactions.
NB Orbit Feature 7

Self-Sovereign Identity Mobile Wallet 101: Key Features

In this video we showcase the features that a NB Orbit Mobile Wallet user can use: – Form P2P connections through DIDComm – Receive credential proof requests – Manage Verifiable Credentials – Scan QR codes to initiate proof requests – Manage profile
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