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Innovators—from startups to large enterprises to Governments—use self-sovereign identity solutions to quickly begin issuing and consuming authentic data with your customers, citizens and workforces.

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// A Seismic Shift

The World is Moving Towards Self-Sovereign Identity

Many global governments have embarked on initiatives to begin issuing Verifiable Credentials to their citizens. The private sector has also realized the many benefits that come from enabling trusted digital interactions between organizations, customers and workforces.

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Launch Self-Sovereign Identity Solutions Today!

  • Digital Wallets – use our wallet solutions for people, legal entities and IoT devices. Securely store Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers.
  • Issuance Platform – become an issuer of custom portable & re-usable digital credentials. Out-of-the-box KYC & KYB credentials are available.
  • Verification Platform – create custom authentication, access or verification workflows. Embed proof requests into your existing enterprise systems.
  • Trust Network Provisioning – easily provision trust networks in which you can deploy a decentralized architecture, build governance rules, onboard authorized identity attesters, create trust registries and more.
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Accelerated Development <br> Program
Accelerated Development
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Custom Development & <br> Strategic Consulting
Custom Development &
Strategic Consulting
Are you looking to leverage open source technologies and protocols to build your own Digital Trust Platform?

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//About Us

Why Northern Block?

Privacy by Design
We build experiences where everything is Consent-based; and techniques such at Data Minimization, Selective Disclosures and Zero Knowledge proofs are leveraged for added privacy.
Interoperable Solutions
Everything we build respects the Standards that are needed for people to gain control over their digital identities and avoid vendor lock-in situations.
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Digital Transformation
We can bridge your existing IT infrastructure to high-assurance Digital ID ecosystems, making it a small lift to reap the benefits of digital trust.
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What People Say about Us

Emilia Clarke
LeGrand Richard Groves
Chief Investment Officer, VeriTX
"Northern Block has worked with our company to deliver numerous decentralized architecture solutions. Utilizing various applications from SSI to Smart Contracts, delivering with firm schedule and on time updates, start to finish. Our business has come back multiple times for engagement on new projects and solutions, from private sector to government applications."
Emilia Clarke
Dr. Atefeh Mashatan
Faculty, Ryerson University
"Northern Block has been a great contribution to the Canadian Self-Sovereign Identity community and they are consistently innovating by helping bridge the gap between academic research and commercialization."
Emilia Clarke
Stephen Quartarone
Account Executive, Acuant
"Highly recommend Northern Block as a solutions provider in the SSI and Verifiable Credentials space. Forward thinking, an innovating organization, and a pleasure to partner within the SaaS, data privacy, and identity environments."