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The Internet is Broken

  • The Internet was built without a way to know who and what you are connecting to
Lack of Trust
  • Resulting in inauthenticity which adds friction and creates lost opportunities to conduct certain valuable interactions, or transactions
Mass Scale Frauds
  • Social engineering schemes such as phishing take advantage of the inability to tell who you are dealing with
Oversharing Personal Information
  • The de facto way to conduct business online is to dump your personal information into almost any website or any form that appears
Achieving Digital Trust
  • Knowing who is connecting with you is a must.

We now have the solutions to fix our digital interactions


Stop oversharing your personal information, selectively disclose your data based on the trust you have within each relationship.


Know who your are interacting with by establishing bidirectionally authenticated direct connections with your friends, clients, employees and suppliers. 


Don’t get locked into platforms, take control of your data and your relationships and bring them with you wherever you go.

The Power of Owning the Relationship

Every digital exchange is consent driven by you

Decide which version of you to share with whom

Maintain more privacy and stop fearing cyber attacks on your data

Stop oversharing and still get the same base experiences

Gradually expand the depth of your interactions based on value you’re getting

Get more personalized relationships just like in the physical world, trust should be built over time in the digital world.

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Orbit Enterprise

Orbit Edge Wallet

Start taking full advantage out of the powers of user-controlled digital identity and verifiable credentials.

Public Sector Solutions

Organizational Wallets and Credentials

Trust Registry Solutions

Interoperable Solutions


MAC is enthusiastic about the potential that Northern Block’s commercial solution has towards making high quality sustainability data, like that provided by TSM, more mobile and accessible for critical mineral supply chains. This will help to more effectively demonstrate that Canadian critical minerals are produced responsibly. When combined with required regulatory digital records, including BC Mines Act Permits, which Northern Block already supports in their solutions, these secure digital records provide even more evidence to demonstrate the value of doing business with responsible Canadian mines.

Ben Chalmers
Senior Vice President

The NB Orbit Enterprise Platform was a quick and cost-effective way for us to prove out our use case. It allowed us to quickly give a demo to stakeholders and get their buy-in for future work.

Kurt Gilson
Founder and President
WeldChain LLC

The NB Orbit Enterprise Platform has enabled the Government of British Columbia to demonstrate enhanced technological compatibility in their pilot, allowing participants to exchange sustainability data in the form of digital credentials in a privacy preserving and trusted way.

Nancy Norris
Senior Director
ESG & Digital Trust, Gov. of British Columbia Canada

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