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Bridging traditional IT to decentralized digital identity ecosystems

Northern Block is a Canadian-based technology provider that facilitates digital transformation through self-sovereign identity (SSI) technologies, standards and principles. Through its leading Orbit Enterprise SSI Platform and Orbit Edge Mobile Wallet organizations can deploy digital credentialing ecosystems, become credential issuers, accept digital credentials within workflows and use a variety of digital wallets and agents to connect and exchange Digital ID credentials.

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Northern Block was founded in Toronto, Ontario in September 2017 as a services company focused on building decentralized software products based on blockchains, crypto assets, tokenization, smart contracts, distributed storage, etc. In early 2020 the company pivoted to building decentralized identity solutions, as this was a missing component in the decentralized architecture, and the area in which the company felt like it could make the biggest impact to achieve self-sovereignty. The company today has offices in Toronto, Ontario and Gatineau, Québec; with employees based in those locations and in Europe. 

Today, Northern Block participates in the open source, standards and conformance criteria communities.  We are active in the Hyperledger Foundation (Aries, Indy, ACA-Py, AFJ, Bifold), Trust Over IP foundation (ToIP), and the Digital Identity and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC – PCTF).  Through our participation at these levels, we are made aware of adoption of new standards in the interoperable verifiable credential space as it pertains to the Hyperledger Aries/Indy stack and beyond. 

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Why we chose 'Orbit' as our product name

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Origins of NB Orbit

Where traditional identity systems have failed

Identity management has evolved from paper file folders to siloed or somewhat connected IAM systems product or service vendors centrally run.

One thing hasn’t changed much is each vendor still has to request the same or similar information. Their customers/users must input it again and again whenever they need to access a new offering, and then re-authenticate if the information provided is true and valid.

If people are repeating themselves and vendors repeating what others have already done, isn’t that a huge waste of resources?

The power of verifiable credentials

Self-sovereign Identity (SSI) is the much needed paradigm shift that allows individuals or organizations to have ownership of their digital and analog identities, and control over how their personal data is shared and used.

With SSI, users come with information validated and stored in Verifiable Credentials issued by trusted parties and readily to be taken by vendors with instant authentication. Decentralization makes Verifiable Credentials possible!

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What's with the logo and why Orbit?

User centricity and interoperability is the objective

In the past, as a user, the world wasn’t centered around you; It was centered around each company/website that you accessed like the image below. At the same time, companies tried to build systems that focused on the customer so there has been a dichotomy between design and reality.

With Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), the solution doesn’t put customers in the middle, but rather all relationships are peer-to-peer. Essentially they “Orbit” each other, hence the name. So, if each person forms their own Orbit, when there are multiple people in a community, we get overlapping Orbits, hence the logo.


Leadership Team

We help businesses accelerate their go-to-market through proven Digital Identity solutions and best-in-class Advisory Services.

Mathieu Glaude


Subhasis Ojha

Chief Delivery Officer

Dave Mckay

Identity Architect

Olivier Dubeau

Director of Sales & Partnerships

Dipesh Pradhan

Director of Product

Julie Bian

Marketing & Admin

Advisory Committee

Eugenio DiMira

KYC and AML Advisor

Darrell O'Donnell

Decentralized Governance Advisor

Dr. André Kudra

European Union Digital ID Advisor

Paul Knowles

Decentralized Data Semantics Advisor


Emilia Clarke
Atefeh (Atty) Mashatan, PhD
Faculty, Ryerson University
"It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with the Northern Block team. Their work has been a great contribution to the Canadian blockchain community and they are consistently innovating by helping bridge the gap between academic research and commercialization."
Stephen Quartarone
Account Executive, Acuant
"Highly recommend Northern Block as a solutions provider in the SSI and Verifiable Credentials space. Forward thinking, an innovating organization, and a pleasure to partner within the SaaS, data privacy, and identity environments."
Emilia Clarke
Leigh Day
Business Development, Yoti
"Northern Block are Self Sovereign Identity and blockchain experts working to build a network of networks and promote interoperable, safe, secure, privacy preserving digital ID for all."
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