Insights and News from the Forefront of Self-Sovereign Identity

A Summary of Internet Identity Workshop #38

A Summary of Internet Identity Workshop #38

(Cover image courtesy of the Decentralized Identity Foundation) Below are my personal highlights from the Internet Identity Workshop #38, which took place between April 16th and April 18th at the...

Offering Outputs, Not Restrictions

Offering Outputs, Not Restrictions

The purpose of this blog post is to argue that, instead of expanding controls and imposing unnecessary restrictions on interactions outside their...

Introducing our groundbreaking Trust Registry platform

The ultimate solution for forging resilient trust ecosystems in today's digital landscape.

Trust Registry



Orbit Enterprise

Establish your own trusted digital interactions ecosystem with your customers, partners and suppliers

Orbit Edge Wallet

Hold and manage issued verifiable credentials securely and in a privacy-preserving way

Orbit Trust Registry

Empower your organization to establish credibility, verify identities, and foster secure interactions with confidence and ease.



Product Updates



Verified Person

Receive a verifiable credential from Northern Block


Try our new OpenID4VC demo

Energy and Mines Digital Trust

Organizational Wallet and Credentials

Receive, store and exchange organizational credentials within your ecosystem




OpenID4VC Demo

Exchange verifiable credentials over OpenID4VCI and OpenID4VP.




SSI Orbit Podcast

Self-sovereign Identity, Decentralization and Digital Trust


Insights and News from the Forefront of Self-sovereign Identity

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