Interoperability Update: Addition of OpenID4VC to Northern Block Products

Mathieu Glaude

November 22, 2023

Northern Block Product Update: Supporting Mote Credential Exchange Protocols and Credential Formats

We’re excited to announce that Northern Block products now support two credential exchange protocols – DIDComm/Aries-based protocol implementations and the newly added OpenID4VC. Additionally, we’ve expanded our support to three credential formats: AnonCreds, JWT, and JSON-LD.

As staunch advocates for open agent technology, which is crucial for digital wallets and achieving digital trust, we’ve consistently integrated DIDComm and various Aries-based implementations (such as ACA-Py, AFJ) into our products. The recent focus on the European Union’s Architectural Reference Framework (ARF) has highlighted the importance of the Open ID for verifiable credential specifications. We’ve embraced these specifications in response to feedback from issuers who appreciate the protocol’s simplicity and the widespread availability of OpenID/oAuth resources, making the issuance of verifiable credentials more streamlined.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the flexibility to receive and store their preferred credential format via any protocol. We also strive to enable verifiers to accept a diverse range of credentials and protocols available in the market. Looking ahead, we plan to support the mobile driving license (mDL) standard.

Here’s what we now offer:

  • For Issuers: Our platform now allows issuers to use either DIDComm/Aries or our OpenID4VCI issuer to issue an AnonCred, JWT, or JSON-LD credentials. (Note: our issuance service allows users to issue AnonCreds and JSON-LD through DIDComm, and JSON-LD and JWT through OpenID4VCI)
  • For Holders: Customers using our wallet or wallet SDK can now receive and store in any of the three formats over DIDComm/Aries or OpenID4VC implementations.
  • For Verifiers: Our verifier customers can now consume credentials in their preferred combination of formats and protocols. (Note: our verifier toolkit allows for presentations of AnonCreds and JSON-LD over DIDComm, and JSON-LD and JWT over OpenID4VP)

We’re excited to see how these enhancements will empower our users and pave the way for more innovative uses of digital credentials.

Here’s a short video showcasing how our Orbit Edge Mobile Wallet can now receive credentials from various protocols:

Contact us for a demo/conversation – or feel free to test it out yourself. We’re happy to chat with anyone 🙂 –>

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