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by | Jun 10, 2021

The Inevitable Shift towards Data-Centric Architectures with Brian Platz

Listen to this Episode about why organizations should quickly look to move away from application-centric designs.

Mathieu chats with Brian, Co-CEO of Fluree, an open-source platform for data ecosystems. The conversation covers data-centric architecture designs, and why organizations should look to move away from application-centric designs.
If you don’t consider doing so, macro trends around data privacy laws are driving us towards data centric models anyways. May as well get ahead of the curve and gain competitive advantages from data-centricity today!
About Episode
In this conversation, Brian and I discuss:
  • What is data centricity and why do organizations need to shift away from application-centricity to data centricity?
  • How to think about data centric architecture designs.
  • The macro drivers for data centricity (regulatory privacy laws and cost / risk benefits).
  • Why organizations don’t need to own all of the data they consume.
  • About Fluree’s Semantic Graph technology.
  • How Verifiable Credentials enable better data-centric use cases.
  • Business use cases of Semantic Graph technology.
  • The benefits of being a Public Benefit Corp.
About Guest
Brian is the Co-CEO and Co-Chairman of Fluree, an open-source platform for data ecosystems. Brian serves on the board of directors for Fuel 50, one of the highest growth HR technology startups. He is also the co-founder of A List Apart, a web publication, 22 book series, and global conference for the web development community to expand their knowledge.

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