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The Future of Work will happen through DAOs (with Stepan Gershuni)

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About Episode

Stepan Gershuni is working towards making it easier for DAOs to onboard talent through Professional ID credentials. There is an oversupply of talent looking to join DAOs and Stepan is trying to help them manage their excess talent pools and onboard people faster.


During this conversation, we discuss:
  • Where are the opportunities to apply SSI principles and frameworks towards DAOs?
  • How do you decentralize hiring, education, and the coordination of work.
  • Are .eth good or bad identifiers? Are .eth names and decentralized identifiers (DIDs) mutually exclusive?
  • How can the decentralized discovery of professional skills happen?
And more!


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DAOs will offer more interesting opportunities to workers to contribute towards meaningful work. And SSI will allow workers to build up a verifiable portfolio of knowledge and skillsets, which can be used to participate in more and more opportunities through DAOs.

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About Guest

Stepan Gershuni is the Lead Product Manager at Affinidi, Founder of Credentia and Deep Skills.



Mathieu Glaude

Mathieu is the Founder and CEO of Northern Block, a Canadian-based technology provider that facilitates the commercialization of digital trust ecosystems using self-sovereign identity (SSI) technologies, standards and principles. Connect with him on LinkedIn here