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Self-sovereign Identity, Decentralization and Web3

by | Oct 4, 2021

IDunion: Germany’s Bold SSI Strategy with Hakan Yildiz

Listen to this Episode to learn how the IDunion consortium is advancing the adoption of SSI in Germany and beyond.


What use cases should a National Digital Identity program prioritize in collaboration with the private sector? As use cases become verticals of their own, what are then some of the horizontal considerations that need to be applied to enable all of the use cases to function within their relative ecosystems? Hakan Yildiz can help us answer these questions being that he’s a Research Associate at TU Berlin and a Consortium Partner at IDunion.


About Episode
During this conversation, we discuss:

  1. IDunion 101: a general overview, what are some of the early credentials being issued by government (people and legal entity VCs) and some of the existing ecosystem participants
  2. IDunion Use Cases (Verticals): what are some of the government use cases (eHealth, eGov and Education)? What are some of the private sector use cases (Financial, Hospitality, IAM)?
  3. IDunion Workstreams (Horizontals): governance, cybersecurity, wallet security, UX, interoperability and more.


About Guest


Hakan Yildiz is a Research Associate at TU Berlin and a Consortium Partner at IDunion. He’s a seasoned product manager with experience in every product life cycle for B2B and B2C products. Hakan is a SME in Blockchain, Distributed-Ledger Technology (DLT) and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI).


You can find Hakan on LinkedIn here:

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