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Is the Trust Triangle a Good Enough Model for Ecosystem Design? (with Antti Kettunen)

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About Episode

Antti Kettunen is a digital identity and digital trust expert and advisor. He designs ecosystem solutions, actively participates in standards and industry groups (e.g. CEN, Trust over IP, Mobey), and helps customers deliver value in their digital identity projects. He also writes and speaks about digital identity and the ongoing paradigm shift in his blog Identifinity. Antti is also one of the co-founders and advocates of the FindyNet cooperative, a digital identity network for Finland.


During this conversation, we discuss:
  • The current digital landscape in the Nordics, the maturity of e-Government and digital registries, and the trust that citizens of these countries have towards their governments.
  • How does the private sector in the Nordics look at self-sovereign identity? Where do they see the benefits? How do they look at the onramp from their existing federated authentication models?
  • Knowing where my organization fits inside my value chain and why knowing this will help me understand how to both benefit, contribute and thrive within an ecosystem-centric system.
  • How to decide whether or not to participate in the governance of an ecosystem?
  • The problems with API-centered architectures and the benefits gained from adopting data-centric architectures.
  • Why focusing too much on the Verifiable Credential Trust Triangle isn’t sufficient as the only tool to help with the adoption of SSI ecosystems.
  • An update on the EU Wallet and some thoughts on how it can spur SSI adoption, while looking at the risks of it possibly impeding private sector adoption.

And more!


For those interested, this is the book that Antti refers to during the conversation:


About Guest

Antti is one of the co-founders and advocates of the FindyNet cooperative, a digital identity network of Finland.



Mathieu Glaude

Mathieu is the Founder and CEO of Northern Block, a Canadian-based technology provider that facilitates the commercialization of digital trust ecosystems using self-sovereign identity (SSI) technologies, standards and principles. Connect with him on LinkedIn here