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Are Trust Registries Vital to the Success of Decentralized Identity? (with Darrell O’Donnell)
By Mathieu Glaude
September 30, 2022

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About Podcast Episode

A Trust Registry is a solution that lets you know where to reach out to get answers to make your trust decisions.

In any interaction, do I trust things sufficiently enough to accomplish what I want?

For example, how can I:

  • Trust this Issuer for that Credential?
  • Trust that Verifier?
  • Trust that Wallet App?

Some of the key topics covered during this episode with Darrell are:

  • What are the differences between Verifiable Data Registries and Trust Registries?
  • How can Trust Registries help establish the Authenticity of Data?
  • Does placing too much Governance at the Verifiable Data Registry layer cause scaling issues?
  • Why DNS can become an elegant Root of Trust solution to validate the authenticity of Credential Issuers.
  • Who in the Trust Triangle benefits the most from Trust Registries?
  • Trust Registries vs Machine Readable Governance.
  • About the Trust Registry Specification v1.0 at the TrustOverIP Foundation.
  • How do I trust a Trust Registry?
  • Do Trust Registries create new Centralization points?
  • How will Trust Registries become adopted?

Note: Darrell and Christine from Continuum Loop recently held a webinar on Trust Registries – Beyond the Basics. You can watch it here.

About Guest

Darrell O’Donnell is a technology company founder, executive, investor, and advisor. He’s on a mission to help organizations build and deploy real-world decentralized (SSI) solutions. He advises numerous startups, senior government leaders, and investors.

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