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Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs): Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (with Markus Sabadello)
By Mathieu Glaude
February 9, 2024


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About Podcast Episode

Note: This episode isn’t an introduction to DIDs; for those new to the concept, we recommend revisiting Episode 52 of the SSI Orbit Podcast for a foundational understanding.

In this podcast episode, we dive deeper into the world of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), moving beyond the basics to explore the critical aspects that will influence their trust and adoption.

Today, joined by Marcus, we embark on a detailed discussion framed around a SWOT analysis of DIDs, examining their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our goal is to foster a comprehensive conversation that not only highlights the significant advantages of DIDs but also addresses the challenges and potential pathways to their widespread acceptance. We delve into the nuances of DIDs, aiming to contribute to the broader goal of promoting their adoption.

We aimed to follow the SWOT model, though it proved challenging at times due to the nuanced nature of many topics. Interestingly, what some may perceive as a strength could also be seen as a weakness, leading to a blend of perspectives. This complexity added depth to our discussion, making it particularly engaging!

The full list of topics discussed between Markus and I in this podcast include:

  1. [00:47] Comparison of DIDs to Other Verifiable Identifiers: Exploring how DIDs contrast with other types of verifiable identifiers and their benefits over traditional identifiers like email addresses and phone numbers.
  2. [11:50] How to trust a DID?: Identifying the technical and governance aspects necessary for trusting DIDs.
  3. [15:46] Building Trust Around DID Methods: Discussing the challenges and approaches to building trust in various DID methods, considering technical integrity and governance.
  4. [23:34] Multi-Factor Authentication for DIDs: Considering whether incorporating multi-factor authentication concepts into DIDs is a viable framing.
  5. [25:34] Governance and Human Trust Inputs in DID Documents: Debating the inclusion of governance or human trust inputs in DID documents and whether these should remain purely technical.
  6. [31:13] Placing Claims in DID Documents: Discussing the implications of including claims in DID documents, especially concerning privacy, correlation, and data privacy laws.
  7. [39:11] Opportunities for DIDs: Identifying opportunities for DIDs to become easier to use, deploy, and provide value, including DID method discovery.
  8. [44:04] Value of DIDs Across Different Protocols: Questioning whether a particular DID method retains the same value across different credential exchange protocols.
  9. [52:01] Why the Market Should Focus More on Identifiers: Reflecting on the emphasis on verifiable credentials over identifiers and trust models in the context of ongoing digital identity programs.
  10. [58:00] Working Groups and Activities for DIDs: Highlighting current working groups and activities related to DIDs where listeners can contribute and engage.


About Guest

Markus Sabadello has been a pioneer and leader in the field of digital identity for many years and has contributed to cutting-edge technologies that have emerged in this space.

He is co-editor of the Decentralized Identifiers specification at W3C and co-chair of the Identifiers and Discovery Working Group at the Decentralized Identity Foundation.

Markus is founder of Danube Tech, a consulting and development company that works on DID-related infrastructure and products, including the Universal Resolver, Universal Registrar, and the platform.



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