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eIDAS 2.0: Predicting Its Impact on Various Ecosystems (with Dominik Beron)
By Christine Martin
March 8, 2024

About Podcast Episode

In this episode of the SSI Orbit Podcast, host Mathieu Glaude speaks with Dominik Beron, Co-Founder and CEO of, on the transformative impact of the eIDAS 2 regulation on decentralized identity in Europe. They delve into organizations’ growing interest in issuing credentials and the potential disruption this poses to traditional identity verification companies. The dialogue also touches on the negative sentiments and criticism surrounding the perceived premature regulation of eIDAS 2.

Their discussion highlights the efforts to align digital identity offerings across various European nation-states and the pivotal role of the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) in this process. Additionally, the value of digital credentials on blockchain networks is explored, underscoring their significance in the evolving digital identity landscape.

Beron sheds light on the genesis of open-source strategy, emphasizing the importance of open-source code and standards in achieving their goals and creating value for organizations. The conversation also ventures into the future of wallets, considering the potential coexistence and implications of government and private sector wallets.

The episode ends with an insightful discussion of the role of digital signatures in identity wallets and the importance of trust and authenticity in a digital world. This conversation provides a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing dynamics of digital identity and regulation.



  • The EIDAS 2 regulation in Europe is a significant development for decentralized identity and will drive the adoption of identity wallets and digital credentials.
  • Identity verification companies recognize the importance of decentralized identity and are exploring new business models to adapt to the changing landscape.
  • While there may be some pushback and criticism of EIDAS 2, the regulation is driving a user-centric identity model where individuals have control over their information.
  • The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) complements EIDAS 2 by providing a trusted ecosystem for identity verification and interoperability across different ecosystems.
  • Digital credentials have the potential to enhance blockchain networks by enabling richer experiences and adding business logic to smart contracts.


  • 01:29 Significance of EIDAS 2
  • 10:28 Potential Disruption of Identity Verification Companies
  • 13:13 Negative Sentiments towards EIDAS 2
  • 21:19 Alignment in Digital Identity Offerings of Different Nation States 
  • 25:36 Role of European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI)
  • 30:33 Value of Digital Credentials on Blockchain Networks
  • 40:00 The Genesis of Open Source Strategy
  • 44:16 Benefits of Building an Open Source Company
  • 48:53 Contributing to Open Source Projects
  • 50:23 The Future of Wallets
  • 55:13 Digital Signatures and Identity Wallets

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About Guest

Dominik Beron is the founder/CEO of, an open source company that is building decentralized identity solutions for businesses and governments. Over the last years, he also served as an identity expert to the European Commission and EU member states.

Dominik is a serial entrepreneur with a law degree from the University of Vienna and executive education from the University of Pennsylvania and Oxford. He was a policy advisor to the Austrian Parliament, a consultant to the UN and was named a “Global Shaper” (World Economic Forum) and “30 under 30” (by Forbes US).

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