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Exploring Digital Credential Protocols: Aries, OpenID4VC, ISO, KERI (with Hakan Yildiz and Vladimir Simjanoski)
By Christine Martin
March 7, 2024

About Podcast Episode

In this episode of the SSI Orbit Podcast, host Mathieu Glaude, alongside Hakan Yildiz from Accenture and Vladimir Simjanoski from Blokverse, engage in an insightful examination of the intricate world of digital credential protocols, including Aries, OpenID4VC, ISO, and KERI. This episode is a treasure trove of insights on the future of digital identities, focusing on interoperability, privacy, and combating challenges like deepfakes.

The discussion begins by comparing digital credential exchange protocols and their applicability in varying contexts, from government-issued digital identities to private-sector applications. A highlight is the exploration of the architectural models—server-client vs. peer-to-peer—and their impact on the scalability and privacy of digital credentials.

Privacy considerations take center stage, especially concerning surveillance and data-sharing autonomy. The episode also tackles the critical issue of deepfakes, proposing enhanced content authenticity through digital credentials as a solution.

Interoperability emerges as a central theme, with a vision of wallets supporting multiple protocols to facilitate diverse interactions between issuers, holders, and verifiers. This flexibility is seen as key to the widespread adoption of digital credentials.

Mathieu invites listeners to actively participate in shaping the future of digital credential protocols by joining the Trust over IP Foundation’s Credential Exchange Protocol Task Force. 

This episode of the SSI Orbit Podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of digital identities and the role of technology in securing and verifying digital credentials.

The full list of topics discussed between Hakan, Vladimir and I in this podcast include:

  1. [0:22] Comparing Digital Credential Exchange Protocols: Aries, OpenID, ISO and KERI.
  2. [18:49] Profiles, Interoperability, Test Suites.
  3. [26:23] Interoperability from the Perspectives of Issuers, Holders and Verifiers.
  4. [36:17]  Protocol Requirements for Humans, Organisations, and Machines.
  5. [44:11]  Surveillance and Correlation, Privacy Considerations.
  6. [53:09]  Deciding Data Sharing: Balancing Autonomy, Regulations, and Governance for Holders.
  7. [58:39]  Combating Deepfakes: Enhancing Content Authenticity with Digital Credentials and Signatures.
  8. [1:02:43]  Vision Behind the Trust over IP’s Credential Exchange Protocol Task Force.

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About Guests

Hakan Yildiz is a Tech Innovation Strategy Manager at Accenture, with a wealth of experience in managing large-scale transnational projects and creating successful PoCs, prototypes, MVPs, and products. He is also a respected researcher with strong academic and technical writing abilities.




Vladimir Simjanoski
is the Co-founder and CEO at Blokverse and, as 
well as the DLT architect and head of engineering at Securities Grid. He brings a wealth of experience from his previous role in managing engineering at Netcetera.

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