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How to Prevent SSI from Becoming Yet Another Platform? (with Joachim Lohkamp)
By Mathieu Glaude
April 8, 2022

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About Episode

One of the desired outcomes of using standards-driven open source code projects is to avoid vendor lock-in. If your digital identity is a public good, then you shouldn’t be locked in to one specific company. If a company goes out of business, I may lose my identity data. If I find a better alternative, I’m unable to port my identity. Therefore, interoperability is a vital aspect of being able to provide sovereignty to individuals but also to governments.

Some of the key questions answered during this episode with Joachim are:


  1. What are the different lenses of Interoperability outside of simply technological ones?
  2. What is happening inside the EU’s digital identity governance frameworks?
  3. How to go about preventing vendor/network lock-ins from the wallet perspective?
  4. Does ID proofing impact the ability to achieve permissionless SSI models?
  5. What is exciting about the intersection of SSI and web3, and are innovations in this area moving quicker than other areas?
  6. Despite the misuse of NFTs for identity-related use cases, are they still helping advance decentralized identity thinking?
  7. What learnings can SSI wallet providers gain from crypto wallet providers (e.g., security, key management, UX)?
  8. Will intelligent agent providers need to make their algorithms open sourced?
  9. Where do portable digital identities fit within the existent and ever changing digital identity landscape (e.g., e-sign, biometrics, IAM, etc.)?
And more!


About Guest

Joachim Lohkamp is the Founder & CEO of Jolocom, a Berlin-based company building decentralized digital identity and access right management solutions aimed to be universal, lightweight and based on open source protocols.


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