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Mobile Driving Licenses (mDL) in 2024 (with Sylvia Arndt)
By Christine Martin
May 3, 2024

About Podcast Episode

Could digital credentials like mobile driver’s licenses be the game-changer for secure and convenient identity verification?

In this episode of The SSI Orbit Podcast, host Mathieu Glaude sits down with Sylvia Arndt, Vice President of Business Development, Digital Identity at ⁠Thales⁠, to explore the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) and their potential to transform how we prove who we are.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The driving forces behind governments adopting mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs), including improving service accessibility for citizens and combating fraud
  • The role of organizations like AAMVA and NIST in setting standards and governance for mDL implementation
  • Business opportunities unlocked by mDLs, such as enabling seamless online identity verification for industries like banking, notaries, and access management
  • Potential monetization models for issuers and verifiers in the mDL ecosystem
  • The rising prominence of biometric verification like facial recognition in conjunction with mDL usage

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and expand your knowledge. Tune in now and start exploring the possibilities!


Key Insights:

  • Mobile driver’s licenses (mDLs) are gaining momentum as governments seek to improve service quality, combat fraud, and streamline identity verification processes.
  • Organizations like AAMVA and NIST play crucial roles in setting standards and governance for mDL implementation.
  • Interoperability is a key challenge, with the ISO standard for mDLs emerging as a widely adopted solution.
  • Governments must decide between issuing mDLs through their own wallets or leveraging third-party wallets like those from Apple, Google, and Samsung.
  • mDLs could enable seamless online identity verification for industries like banking, notary services, and access management, reducing transaction abandonment rates.
  • Potential monetization models for issuers and verifiers are being explored, as the value of mDLs lies primarily in the verification side.


  • Governments are implementing legislation to allow for the acceptance of digital forms of state-issued identities, including mDLs.
  • AAMVA’s Digital Trust Service aims to facilitate cross-state verifications by providing the necessary public keys to read mDLs.
  • Facial biometrics and liveness detection are expected to become more prevalent in conjunction with mDL verification for enhanced security.
  • Governments and industry stakeholders are exploring ways to vet and register verifiers to ensure responsible use of mDL data.


  • 00:00 – Status of Mobile Driving Licenses (mDL) in the US
  • 7:00 – Why Government DMVs like the ISO standard for mobile driving licenses
  • 9:25 – About AAMVA (the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators)
  • 14:25 – How do governments perceive the value proposition of issuing mDLs
  • 20:10 – General wallet strategy for DMVs in 2024
  • 27:25 – Where are the opportunities in the mDL verification market?
  • 41:41 – Requiring a registration process for mDL verifiers?
  • 45:17 – Exploring possible new risk vectors that mDL introduces
  • 50:17 – Business model for mDL issuers, and possible disruption to IDV market

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About Guest

Sylvia Arndt is a seasoned leader and Vice President of Business Development, Digital Identity at Thales, with over 20 years of experience driving organic growth through innovative software and service solutions. Sylvia excels in identifying strategic opportunities that advance markets and transform business models, with a strong focus on customer advocacy, operational excellence, and cross-functional collaboration. Her expertise spans various industries, including Computer Software, Digital Identity & Security, Aviation, Travel & Hospitality, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Energy, and Government Services. Sylvia’s international reach extends to over 50 countries, where she has worked closely with customers and business partners, demonstrating her leadership in business strategy, product management, operations strategy, and digital transformation.



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