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OpenID Federation: A Standards-based Approach to Trust Management (with Dima Postnikov)
By Christine Martin
May 31, 2024

About Podcast Episode

How can we drive innovation in open banking and finance while ensuring data is shared securely and trust is maintained between participants?

Dima Postnikov, a key figure in the field as the Vice Chairman of the OpenID Foundation, takes on this crucial challenge in the latest episode of The SSI Orbit podcast.

As open banking initiatives gain traction globally, enabling secure and trusted data exchanges between banks, fintechs, and third-party providers is paramount. Without a standardized approach to managing trust and discovery across these ecosystems, innovation could be stifled by complex integration hurdles and a lack of interoperability.

In this conversation, Dima unpacks OpenID Federation – an emerging specification that provides a standards-based framework for trust management in digital ecosystems. He walks listeners through the evolution of OpenID Federation, its origins in federated identity, and its role in overcoming hurdles around trust establishment faced by open banking, eIDAS 2.0, and more.

Dima explains how governance bodies can create tailored profiles of OpenID Federation suited to their ecosystem’s unique needs. This will allow participants, from small fintechs to large banks, to benefit from simplified integration, reduced barriers to entry, and trusted cross-border interactions.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • The role of the OpenID Federation specification in providing a standardized approach to trust management and discovery across ecosystems
  • The benefits of adopting standards like automated registration processes, certification test suites, and reduced integration complexities
  • How governance bodies can tailor OpenID Federation by creating profiles suited to their ecosystem’s specific use cases and requirements
  • Insights into leveraging OpenID Federation for cross-border trust, inter-federation scenarios like the GAIN initiative, and EU’s eIDAS 2.0
  • The importance of communicating context like accreditation levels, authentication assurances and metadata to enable trusted interactions
  • Strategies to simplify integration and reduce barriers to adoption, especially for smaller players entering these ecosystems
  • The role of tiered accreditation models and potential to reuse existing certifications across different trust ecosystems

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and expand your knowledge. Tune in now and start exploring the possibilities!


Key Insights:

  • Open ecosystems globally have faced challenges around trust establishment
  • OpenID Federation provides a standardized approach to trust management
  • Standards reduce barriers to entry and integration complexities
  • Governance bodies can create tailored profiles based on ecosystem needs
  • Adopting standards fosters interoperability and secure innovation


  • Leverage standard-based trust frameworks like OpenID Federation
  • Engage standards communities to evolve specifications as required
  • Implement automated registration processes to simplify onboarding
  • Apply tiered accreditation models aligned to use case risk profiles
  • Reuse existing certifications across digital trust ecosystems


  • 00:00 – Background on trust management in the OpenID world
  • 03:49 – Learnings in trust management from the world of Open Banking
  • 11:58 – How trust chains complement/conflict with peer to peer interactions
  • 17:25 – OpenID Federation’s architecture design
  • 34:25 – The evolution of standards in Open Banking
  • 39:50 – eIDAS 2.0 profiles of OpenID Federation?
  • 47:47 – Why Canadian Open Banking should have Trust Registries at launch

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About Guest

Dima Postnikov is an experienced identity architect and Vice Chairman of the OpenID Foundation. He focuses on advancing digital trust ecosystems through open standards development. Dima has contributed to multiple specifications, including FAPI at OpenID and co-chairs the GAIN PoC Community group. As Head of Identity Strategy at ConnectID, he plays a key role in Australia’s national digital identity infrastructure. With over 20 years of experience in finance and identity, Dima brings expertise in solution architecture, customer identity management, and securing modern applications. His passion lies in fostering innovation through privacy-preserving, user-centric identity frameworks.



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