SSI Orbit Podcast
Problems Worth Solving in SSI Land (with Daniel Hardman)
By Christine Martin
April 22, 2024

About Podcast Episode

Is there truly a clear separation between personal and organizational identity? This fundamental question lies at the heart of our most recent conversation on The SSI Orbit podcast between host Mathieu Glaude and identity expert Daniel Hardman.

In this conversation, you’ll learn:

  • Why the traditional separation of personal and organizational identity is a flawed mental model that limits our understanding of identity
  • The importance of recognizing the intertwined nature of individual and organizational identities in the enterprise context
  • Strategies for managing the complexities of roles, relationships, and identity facets within organizations
  • Insights into empowering individuals and enabling trust through effective identity management approaches
  • Perspectives on key challenges like managing identifiers, versioning, and building trust within self-sovereign identity systems

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights and expand your knowledge. Tune in now and start exploring the possibilities!

Key Insights:

  • The limitations of the term “governance” in identity systems and the need for a more empowering, user-centric approach
  • The inextricable link between personal and organizational identity, and the importance of understanding roles, relationships, and context
  • The challenge of managing the proliferation of identifiers and the need for software-driven solutions to help users navigate them
  • The critical role of versioning and historical record-keeping in identity management, especially when analyzing trust and accountability


  • Leveraging the “who, role, and context” framework to better manage identities and their associated aliases
  • Exploring the use of versioning and metadata to track the evolution of identities over time
  • Developing software that helps users understand and manage their identifiers, rather than relying solely on credentials or wallets


  • 00:00 Introduction and Learnings in SSI
  • 03:01 Reframing Governance as Empowerment
  • 08:42 The Intertangled Nature of Organizational and Individual Identity
  • 15:30 Managing Relationships and Roles in Organizational Identity
  • 25:19 Versioning and Trust in Organizational Identity

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About Guest

Daniel Hardman is the CTO and CISO at Provenant and a Hyperledger Global Ambassador. With an M.A. in computational linguistics, an M.B.A., and a cybersecurity specialization, he brings multidisciplinary expertise to the identity space. Hardman has worked in research at the intersection of cybersecurity and machine learning, led development teams in enterprise software, and is a prominent contributor to several key specifications driving self-sovereign identity, including the Hyperledger Aries RFCs, W3C’s Verifiable Credentials, and Decentralized Identifiers. His diverse background and deep involvement in shaping industry standards offer unique perspectives on the complexities of identity management, especially within organizational contexts.



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