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Seeding a Digital Trust Ecosystem (with Nancy Norris & Kyle Robinson)
By Mathieu Glaude
December 16, 2022

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About Podcast Episode

Energy and Mines Digital Trust (EMDT) was established by the Government of British Columbia (B.C.) to incentivize the formation of a digital trust ecosystem that will result in accuracies and efficiencies when sharing sustainability data, with downstream impacts of contributing towards a low-carbon economy.

Reporting environmental impact data can be a complicated and laborious process. Data is difficult to exchange internationally, and consumers cannot always access, or trust, reported data.

A digital trust ecosystem builds confidence between organizations, businesses, and individuals when interacting online. When information is shared using digital credentials, everyone can trust that the information is current and hasn’t been tampered with, even without pre-existing business relationships. For natural resource companies, this means it is possible to easily share trustworthy data to prove their sustainability efforts.

In this podcast episode with Nancy Norris and Kyle Robinson, we discuss,

  • What’s happening in climate change legislation globally?
  • What are the sustainability reporting requirements that the mining industry faces today?
  • Where do digital trust and digital identity fit into sustainability reporting?
  • How do you start a digital trust ecosystem?
  • How do you select initial use cases to focus on?
  • What is the role of the government in growing a digital trust ecosystem based on policy?
  • How did EMDT build their digital trust governance frameworks?
  • Why did EMDT publish their governance frameworks to open source repositories?
  • The best ways to educate both technical and non-technical stakeholders about digital credentials and digital trust.
  • Can digital trust technologies alter/influence change in regulatory reporting processes?
  • Can governments who participate in digital trust ecosystems find new ways of creating value/new business models/enhancing standard service offerings?


About Guests

Nancy Norris is the Senior Director of ESG & Digital Trust in the Ministry for Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation for the Government of British Columbia, Canada’s western-most province. Nancy has worked for the Government of British Columbia since 2018. In her current role, Nancy is responsible for the Energy & Mines Digital Trust (EMDT) pilot project, which explores how British Columbia can leverage its leadership position in SSI and digital credentials to improve responsible mineral and natural gas sourcing and carbon accounting. 



Kyle Robinson is an independent consultant working as the Senior Strategic Advisor for the Energy & Mines Digital Trust project with Telus and the Government of British Columbia. Kyle has over 20 years of experience in the information technology business as a developer, business analyst and advisor, primarily with government clients. He is an active member of the Hyperledger CA2SIG and Standards WG. Kyle also participates in a number of Trust Over IP Foundation working groups.


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