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Selling Solutions, Not SSI Technology (with Riley Hughes)
By Mathieu Glaude
January 13, 2023

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About Podcast Episode

Customers need solutions, not SSI technology. We will struggle in fostering adoption if we try to sell SSI technology to end customers. We should rather focus on selling them solutions to business problems. For example, Slack sells productivity/collaboration tools to enterprises, not Internet technology or communication protocols. The same approach should be taken but us identity folks!

In this podcast episode with Riley Hughes, we discuss,

  • Since we recorded the last episode (Episode 10), how have the value propositions and adoption of SSI changed?
  • What are the different ways that SSI adoption is happening, and what ways are easier than others to push adoption?

Taken from “Intro to IDtech: How Decentralized Identity Will be Adopted” (

  • Do Enterprises see any incentive to issue digital credentials?
  • Why the term ‘Digital Wallet’ is a bad analogy for what they actually are, and why it’s not positioned well to be a solution to business problems?
  • Does Digital Identity still have an Identity problem? Why is terminology important to be used under the right contexts?


About Guest

Riley Hughes is the Co-founder and CEO of Trinsic, a company which provides infrastructure for building user-centric identity products. Riley is a leader in the decentralized identity community. As the second employee hired at the Sovrin Foundation, Riley established and led several teams. He started Trinsic to make implementing decentralized identity easy for developers and is now working with dozens of product builders around the world to help them bring their IDtech solutions to market.

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