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The Digital Travel Credential (DTC) (with Daniel Bachenheimer)
By Mathieu Glaude
December 15, 2023


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About Podcast Episode

As we look towards 2024, the air travel industry is poised for a historic milestone. The latest forecasts suggest that 2024 is set to be the biggest year ever in terms of global passenger traffic volume. This is a remarkable turnaround from the significant downturn experienced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many of us, including myself, this year has been marked by frequent flights. Whether for business or leisure, it seems like we’ve been in the air more often than not.

As air travel volumes continue to soar, the question arises: how can we further improve and streamline travel processes for travelers and various stakeholders? A key component in this evolution is the role of digital identity.

In this latest podcast episode, Dan and I engage in a conversation focusing on the concept of ‘travel credentials’. We delve into how digital identity can revolutionize the travel experience, making it more efficient and seamless for everyone involved.

The full list of topics discussed between Daniel and I in this podcast include:

  1. Governance of International Air Travel: Inquiry about the organization responsible for developing international standards and specifications for smooth airport experiences across different countries.
  2. ICAO’s Role and Dynamics: Exploration of ICAO’s governance and business interactions with countries like the United States and Canada. Discussion on the creation and alignment of passports through ICAO’s collaboration with various countries.
  3. Machine Authentication and Passport Digitization: Examination of the trend towards machine authentication at airports and its impact on the digitization of physical passports.
  4. Biometrics in International Travel: Inquiry about the alignment of biometric standards and technologies across countries for travel purposes.
  5. Photo Accuracy in Travel Documents: Discussion on the accuracy of photos in travel documents and their comparison across different locations.
  6. Integrity of Various Travel Documents: Comparison of the integrity and standards of images in passports, visas, and driver’s licenses for biometric assessments.
  7. Digital Travel Credential (DTC): Introduction to the concept of the digital travel credential and its relation to current travel processes. Exploration of the benefits of moving towards a digital travel credential. Discussion on the standards and application integration of digital travel credentials.
  8. Benefits of DTC for Travelers: Analysis of how DTCs could streamline travel processes and their comparison to existing programs like Clear and Nexus.
  9. Future of DTC Adoption: Inquiry into the current state of DTC pilot projects and predictions for future adoption trends.
  10. Integration of DTCs in Wallets and Applications: Consideration of the logical placement of DTCs in digital wallets and applications, and their potential impact on travel efficiency.


About Guests

Daniel Bachenheimer, an Electrical Engineer by training, is Accenture’s Digital Identity Innovations technical lead and has been designing and delivering solutions for various clients for over 30 years. For the past 20 years, Dan has focused on Border Management and Identity Management solutions and has been involved in large-scale Identity systems including US-VISIT and UIDAI, Trusted Traveler Programs, Multimodal Biometric systems integration, RFID implementations, along with Identity, Credential and Access Management solutions. Dan participates in biometrics standards (INCITS, ISO/IEC SC37), blockchain standards (ISO TC307), ID Cards and Wallets (INCITS, ISO/IEC 17, is an IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional, is a Biometrics Institute Director and Privacy Expert Group contributing member, is Co-Chair of INATBA’s Identity Working Group is the Vice Chair of IATA’s Identity Management Working Group, is an ID2020 Technical Advisory Committee contributing member, participates in ToIP, DIACC, WTTC, WEF, and Turing Institute Digital Identity working groups, and has contributed to World Economic Forum and World Bank reports related to Identity.

Where to find Daniel?

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