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Creating Social Inclusion Opportunities for African Youth with Lohan Spies
By Mathieu Glaude
September 14, 2021

Listen to this Episode to learn about how Yoma (by UNICEF) is using SSI to create social inclusion opportunities (LEARN, EARN, IMPACT).


Yoma is a youth marketplace that is incubated by UNICEF in Africa.  It enables youth to Learn (through Yoma learning partners), Earn (through employers in the ecosystem) and Thrive by completing Impact challenges (e.g., plastic clean-up, reforestation) that benefit our environment and communities.  All of this is enabled through a SSI-enabled digital CV and personalized learning environment. 

About Episode
During this conversation, we discuss:

  • An overview of Foundational Government Identity in Africa
  • How Yoma creates Digital IDs, Digital Verifiable VCs and a Skills Backpack for Youth
  • Yoma’s approach at both Global and Local Governance Frameworks
  • Building the Yoma Ecosystem, by Onboarding both demand and supply side participants to the table
  • What the future holds for Specialized, Intelligent Agents
  • How technology can be used to further the Impact Economy

About Guest

Lohan Spies is the Founder & CEO of DIDx, a South African company focused on self-sovereign identity. Lohan is thought leader in decentralized identity and well tapped into the pulse on the African continent. DIDx is also a founding steward of the Sovrin Network.

Lohan also acts as the technical lead for the Yoma Foundation, a UNICEF organization that is using SSI to empower African youth to learn, earn and create impact.


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