Feature Showcase 4 – Privacy Preserving Proofs

Mathieu Glaude

October 20, 2022

The Orbit Enterprise Platform is a set of No Code Self Sovereign Identity solutions that facilitates the storage, issuance and verification of verifiable credentials that are held and owned by end users in digital wallets.

Northern Block is currently focused on building use cases which are privacy-preserving, thus best suited for AnonCreds. For those interested, we wrote recently about our learnings from Aries, Indy and AnonCreds (here).

The AnonCreds specification is being developed to address a privacy-preserving specific use case with participation from the community.

It allows us to use Zero-knowledge Proof (ZKP). In cryptography, the ZKP is a method by which an entity can prove that they know a certain value without disclosing the value itself. 

AnonCred ZKP verifiable credentials provide capabilities that many see as important for digital identity use cases in particular, and verifiable data in general. 

We have implemented some of these capabilities into Orbit Enterprise. They include:

  • Restrictions – the ability for verifiers to restrict proofs to specific Schemas of CreDefs
  • Data Minimization – the ability to disclose only necessary claims to a verifier, while creating a Proposal or Proof Request
  • Compounding Proofs – the ability to combine multiple credentials into a single proof to present to a verifier without revealing any correlatable identifier
  • Predicate Proofs – the ability to reduce the sharing of PII by enclosing logical expressions, and potentially correlating data, especially dates (birth, credential issuance/expiry, etc.)

See a demonstration of these four privacy preserving proof methods in the video below.

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