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Our Products & Solutions

Orbit Edge Wallet

Compatible With IOS and Android Devices

Our Orbit Edge Wallet includes a mobile agent that can connect to cloud agents, and a user interface to allow the wallet holder to make connections, accept credentials, and present credentials for proof requests.

Key Benefits

    • Store personal credentials using our edge mobile wallet solutions.
    • Store organization-related credentials in our organizational cloud wallet solutions.
    • Maintain high-levels of assurance around identities through integrated ID proofing solutions.

Orbit Enterprise Platform

Our Orbit Enterprise is a no-code self-sovereign identity platform that facilitates the storage, issuance and verification of verifiable credentials that are held and owned by end users in digital wallets.

The platform contains a collection of technologies and concepts in identity management, distributed and edge computing, distributed ledger technologies and cryptography.

Key Benefits

  • Built for Scale and Flexibility
  • Interoperable
  • Privacy Preserving

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Technology Index

Our Self-Sovereign Identity solutions are built using emerging data standards, Government approved technologies and worldclass governance frameworks and tools.