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Your Own SSI Product

Working with Northern Block at this point in your lifecycle derisks you from a cost standpoint, as our business model isn’t about staffing headcount on lengthy projects like an outsourced development shop would be incentivized to do. Another presumption we make is that these pivots/re-assessments can sometimes take time to do it right and strategically. This means you aren’t ready for a consistent development arm. Building an in-house team means there will be lull periods during these times of validation that can be expensive if a start-up needs to bear fixed costs with developers. We can deal with lull periods, as our business is structured around this model. Also from experience, in-house teams become attached to what they built and pivoting becomes difficult. Our prime focus is delivery.

Compared to an offshore dev shop, view us as more of a partner, We’re an extended architecture, development and product strategy arm. We keep costs down. We deal with your validation processes. We’re also open to putting skin in the game if that’s of interest to you. This can help with alignment, further cost reduction, and allowing us to see more upside if the venture succeeds. We often do this with start-ups. As a partner, we understand that you may like to take ownership of dev at any time, and so we prepare ourselves for the transition in terms of quality, documentation, etc.

We have conducted both B2C and B2B implementations of SSI in the private sector and we’re currently collaborating with various public sector organizations on their digital identity strategy from a technology/implementation standpoint. Our technology stack is built using proven open source projects and standards, respectively from Hyperledger Aries, Indy, Ursa, as well as standards and recommendations from the W3C and Trust over IP Foundation. We’ve built the right guardrails in our solutions to ensure high levels of assurance around personal and legal entity identities. We have performed many integrations to traditional IT infrastructure to allow quick deployments alongside existing IAM systems. We are continuing to test and release governance as code features that will allow for more trust networks to get deployed.

We also are continuously improving our solutions in R&D mode. We live and breathe SSI every day. Our tech solutions are kept up-to-date through our multiple engagements and partner relationships in the space. This means that you’re not funding R&D internally. We will also accelerate your GTM with our ability to reuse existing solutions and learnings.  Northern Block brings domain expertise and membership across various communities. You bring Subject matter expertise.

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