Using Digital Credentials to Promote Responsible Business Conduct



Northern Block facilitates the exchange
of high-integrity sustainability data between
critical mineral supply chain participants to
help promote responsible business practices.

Northern Block’s Mining Credentialing Solutions


Our suite of digital credentialing tools are meticulously
designed to empower participants in the critical mineral
supply chain with the means to exchange sustainability
data with integrity and responsibility.
  • Organizational Wallet: Securely receive and store digital credentials from trusted entities like governments and auditors, ensuring your sustainability efforts are recognized and verifiable.
  • Secure Connection Manager: Initiate and maintain secure, two-way communication channels with your peers, enabling the safe and private exchange of critical sustainability data.
  • Digital Credential Creation and Sharing Module: Effortlessly create and distribute digital credentials related to sustainability, whether self-issued or for other organizations, enhancing transparency and trust across the supply chain.
  • Digital Credential Verification and Exchange Toolkit: Facilitate the request and provision of sustainability data, allowing for the verification of credentials and the sharing of your sustainability achievements with confidence.
  • Credential Governance Toolkit: Define and oversee the standards for your digital credentials and schemas. By setting rigorous standards and publishing credentials to trusted data registries, you contribute to a unified framework of sustainability practices.


Interconnected Mining Entities: Collaboration and Resource Sharing
Towards Sustainable Mining Digital Credential is live and available to issue

Toward Sustainable Mining

Enhancing Data Quality and Accessibility

We specialize in improving the quality and availability of Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) data. By leveraging advanced digital trust technologies, we ensure that TSM data is not only more accessible but also maintains the highest standards of integrity and authenticity.

Streamlining Data Integration

Our service facilitates seamless integration of TSM data into various supply chain processes. This integration allows mining companies to efficiently transmit critical sustainability information across the ecosystem, enhancing transparency and accountability.

Verifiable and Actionable Insights

We transform TSM data into actionable insights that can be used for strategic decision-making in policy formulation, investment analysis, and operational improvements, fostering responsible mining practices.

Mines Act Permit Digital Credential is live and can be issued

Digital Mines Act Permit

Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Digital credentials for the Mines Act Permit in B.C. mark a leap in security and efficiency for mining operators, replacing insecure email sharing with a secure digital format. This minimizes fraud risk and protects sensitive information, allowing operators to easily prove compliance and streamline administrative tasks.

Real-Time Verification and Trust

Stakeholders, including regulators, business partners, and other interested parties, can instantly verify the permit’s validity without needing to contact the Government of B.C.

Interoperability and Flexibility

High interoperability means that operators can choose from various tools and platforms to manage their digital credentials, allowing them to select solutions that best fit their technological infrastructure and business needs.

Simplifying the Organizing and Sharing of Trusted Data

Simplifying the Organizing and Sharing of Trusted Data Between Mining Organizations

Northern Block’s focus is to simplify complex operational challenges, ensure secure and efficient data exchanges, and build a solid foundation of digital trust that propels the industry forward.

Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency

Through a digital trust ecosystem, we ensure the precise and trustworthy exchange of information regarding mining operations and sustainability, in addition to digital documentation of permit adherence.

Promotion of Responsible Business Conduct

Our efforts are aimed at boosting the competitiveness of Canada’s critical mineral ecosystem, through Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) protocols and other Sustainability-related standards.

Mobilisation of Sustainable Data

By streamlining the transmission of trusted information through complex supply chains, crucial data on responsible mining practices becomes more accessible and secure. Our approach integrates regulatory standards, providing a clear and credible view of how critical minerals are responsibly produced.

Support Responsibly Sourced Critical Minerals Commitments

Our objective is to expand the reach of data related to responsibly sourced critical minerals to a broader audience in a secure and efficient manner.

Hudbay Minerals Inc.

With the use of Orbit Enterprise, we can share verified information with just one click to multiple parties

As a part of the ESG team, we receive requests from banks and investor rating agencies for information related to our GHG intensity or other ESG indicators. With the use of Orbit Enterprise, we can share verified information with just one click to multiple parties, and on an annual basis, we can share it with whoever seeks that information.
I find it useful because it can reduce the burden on ESG teams by eliminating the need to repeatedly collect and send the same information through emails. We can have all the parties that we want to share the information with on an annual basis and just share it with one click away. This is helpful, and since it’s verified information, it definitely builds trust.
Once adopted by the mining sector, this efficient way of sharing verified and credible information can also improve transparency across the value chain. For example, it can enable companies to better map Scope 3 GHG emissions which has been a challenge for companies taking climate action worldwide.

Japjeet Khroud
Senior Sustainability Specialist
Hudbay Minerals Inc., British Columbia Business Unit


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At Northern Block, we are more than just a Canadian technology provider; we are pioneers in digital trust, utilising open standards and principles to revolutionise the way businesses and governments operate. Our expertise is globally recognised, and our track record speaks volumes about our capabilities and innovation.


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