Feature Showcase 2 – Images as Attributes

Mathieu Glaude

September 28, 2022


Our NB Orbit Enterprise Platform contains a collection of technologies and concepts in identity management, distributed and edge computing, distributed ledger technologies and cryptography. These have all been put together following the principles of Privacy, Security and Interoperability.

One of the things that organizations can do through NB Orbit Enterprise Platform is to create schema definitions with attributes. These attributes can be restricted by the data formats they must comply with. 

Until now, we were supporting multiple formats such as Text, Number and Date, as shown below.

Recently, we’ve added the support for Images as Attributes.

  1. We will demonstrate how the platform allows an image as an attribute in the schema definition process. 
  2. We will demonstrate the issuance of a verifiable credential that includes an image as an attribute.
  3. We will demonstrate how image attributes can be provided as proofs. 

How is this done through Aries?
To pass images as attributes, we specify the MIME TYPE as JPEG and the value contains a base64url-encoded string that represents a binary BLOB of the image. RFC 0453 (Issue Credential v2), RFC  0037 (Present Proof) and RFC 0454 (Present Proof v2) all support the mime-type and value as a base64url-encoded string.

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