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Feature Showcase 1 – Presentation Proposals

Mathieu Glaude

September 22, 2022

Our NB Orbit Enterprise is a web based platform which includes a cloud wallet, connection management system, verifiable credential issuance & verification tools and more.

By using our products, organizations can deploy digital credentialing ecosystems, become credential issuers, accept digital credentials within workflows and use a variety of digital wallets and agents to connect and exchange credentials.

Today, let us show you how our NB Orbit Enterprise Presentation Proposals function allows an Organizational Holder to send a proposal to a verifier entity. 

It allows an organization to initiate the workflow rather than waiting on a verifier to send a proof request. We have implemented the orchestration provided by Aries RFC 0037: Present Proof Protocol 1.0 to enable all this to happen.

We’ve written a blog post about why credential issuance should be holder-driven (
here). We think that the same is true for verifications and other functions.

The steps are the following:

  1. The Proposal is sent by the Prover (your organization)
  2. The Verifier can be automatically sent back a proof request to the Prover (this is configurable)
  3. The Prover clicks on Proof Request and selects a credential to provide in the proof presentation. The Prover can add self-attested attributes if they wish.
  4. The Verifier then receives the Proof Presentation (in Verification Monitoring if they are using NB Orbit Enterprise)
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