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Cloud Storage, Management, Issuance and Verification of Verifiable Credentials



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Establish your own trusted digital interactions ecosystem with your customers, partners and suppliers

Orbit Edge Wallet

Hold and manage issued verifiable credentials securely and in a privacy-preserving way



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Public Sector

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Travel & Hospitality

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SSI Orbit Podcast

Self-sovereign Identity, Decentralization and Web3


Insights and News from the Forefront of Self-sovereign Identity

Digital ID: Trapped in Fake News? (with Imraan Bashir)

Digital ID: Trapped in Fake News? (with Imraan Bashir)

 >>>  Listen to this Episode On Spotify >>>  Listen to this Episode On Apple Podcasts >>>  Read full transcription A Communications Problem? Misinformation is as a growing societal topic. And in fact is a cyber security risk. Over the...

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