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Feature Showcase 6 – Full Aries Credential Issuance Orchestration, with Negotiations

Mathieu Glaude

December 15, 2022

Orbit Enterprise is a No Code Self Sovereign Identity platform that facilitates the storage, issuance, verification and revocation of verifiable credentials that are held and owned by end users in digital wallets.

We recently implemented the ability for holders to create credential requests to issuers they’re connected to. Credential issuance is not a one-way process where the issuer will always initiate it through a credential offer. There are many use cases in which the holder will have a need for a credential, and will need to contact a specific issuer to place a request.

We want to ensure that Orbit Enterprise provides the flexibility needed for any type of credential exchange use case that you may have. That is why we have also built in the opportunity for negotiations to happen between both parties. Both issuing and receiving parties can go back and forth as many times as they wish until they are satisfied with the data attribute values within a credential.

All this is accomplished by fully operationalizing the Aries credential issuance protocol.

In this example, we demonstrate how Concordia University uses Orbit Enterprise to request for a ‘business licence’ credential from the City of Montréal, and how both parties are able to negotiate the credential attribute values during the process.


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