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Trusted Ecosystem of Digital Sustainability Credentials – Northern Block and AgID Partner

Mathieu Glaude

July 28, 2021

Northern Block, the Canadian leader in enabling organizations to build digital trust, and AgID, the leader in digitally enabling Canadian agri-food, have agreed to partner to deliver a trusted ecosystem for the North American market.

As the first part in this partnership AgID will use Northern Block’s technology to provide Verifiable Credentials as an integral part of their solutions. Northern Block will provide its NB Orbit Platform, to record and immutably record carbon and other data as “Verifiable Data” for subsequent analysis by other, interested parties. This will enhance the value of the data while reducing the friction of using the data.

The combined technologies will provide sustainability tracking (e.g., carbon and energy) to a number of sectors including dairy, livestock and crop production as well as other sectors where carbon and energy are significant factors. These other sectors include areas with biodigesters and carbon recovery systems beyond food based agriculture such as forestry and cannabis.

The two companies expect to launch the combined solution in 2021 and are looking for Beta customers looking to create competitive advantages for those companies with their customers.

The two companies are also committed to combine their sales and marketing efforts and expect more announcements in the near future.

Interested in learning more about how to use Verifiable Credentials to drive your Sustainability or Impact Economy vision?

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About AgID — AgID’s mission is the realization of a digitally enabled Canadian agri-food trusted ecosystem. Using verifiable credentials, AgID works with producers and organizations to identify opportunities for engagement in rapidly evolving markets, provide services for trusted data exchange, direct benefit of data ownership, and simplify the complexity of the Canadian agri-food data ecosystem.

About Northern Block — Northern Block’s mission is to Enable Trusted Digital Interactions between Organizations, Customers and Workforces. We help organizations elevate their value through custom software development, product design and consultancy services. Northern Block helps you achieve your digital transformation objectives with user-centric software solutions that result in the creation of digital trust.

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